ceramics artist Sue White


Sue White does most of her ceramics in Laguna Beach where she works in all types of media; her small works are done in low fire and Raku as are the tile murals for benches, tables and walls. Her larger pieces are composed of sculpture clays, some glazed and some painted. Her greatest passion is studying the faces and body language of interesting people and conveying that through her sculptures.

A commissioned large under sea mural (5 feet by 12 feet) may be viewed inside the entrance at the Boys and Girls Club in Laguna Beach. A life-sized sculpture of Charlie Chaplin was displayed at the Festival of the Arts in 2006.  See this year's show to find out who Sue has in

To inquire about availability of any of the art seen here or to commission a unique creation, send email to Sue.

pink ceramic rose by Sue White

life sized Charlie Chaplin ceramic statue by Sue White


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